10 Most Populer Street Foods in Korea

Route created; The target is South Korea. We are going on a gastronomic tour today. We taste the legendary flavors of this unique country. When you go to South Korea, we have the best South Korean dishes on our list today that you should not leave without tasting.

South Korean traditional dishes have their own unique flavours. Different results are obtained with unfamiliar ingredients and local cooking techniques. If you are someone who is used to trying new tastes, be sure to taste these flavors. You can even find recipes for many of them and make them at home. But what did they say? You will eat everything on the spot.

If you are interested in Asian cuisine, you have already heard of many of these dishes and maybe even tasted them. If you are bored of classic flavors and want to try different tastes or if you are going to South Korea, then you are at the right place. I will tell you the best South Korean Food.

Street Foods in Korea


I start explaining South Korean dishes with Kimchi. Kimchi is a Korean pickle and they serve and consume it with almost every meal. It is usually made from Chinese cabbage and Korean radish. While preparing the pickle, green onion, red pepper powder, garlic and ginger are added. No matter which restaurant you go to, it will definitely be on the table. Be sure to taste this spicy and intensely flavored pickle.

For the recipe: Kimchi

Street Foods in Korea


Bibimbap is a satisfying and delicious snack consumed at every meal of the day. It is made with eggs, meat, rice and vegetables. The spicy version of this dish, served in hot bowls, is a must-try for spicy lovers. When it comes to the best South Korean dishes, Bibimbap ranks first.

For the recipe: Bibimbap

Street Foods in Korea


Next up is a dish that is an indispensable flavor of Far Eastern countries. Tteokbokki is a type of rice cake made with rice. This flavor, loved by Koreans, is one of the most famous street flavors. Hot sauce is an indispensable element of Tteokbokki. It is mostly served with eggs and green onions. Do not leave without tasting this amazing taste, which is one of the main answers to the question of what to eat in South Korea.

Street Foods in Korea


Manti is a dish that is included in South Korean cuisine as well as in many cultures. The stuffing is prepared with mushrooms, zucchini, minced meat and the indispensable ginger. The dough is steamed. You can also see versions made with black flour in some places.

Street Foods in Korea


Bulgogi literally means fire. The main reason why it got this name is the bitter spice it contains. This South Korean dish, made of beef marinated in soy sauce, can also be cooked at your table if you wish. The cooking temperature of the meat can also be prepared according to your taste.

For the recipe: Bulgogi

Street Foods in Korea


We can call Gimbap a kind of sushi. Sushi is a very popular flavor in South Korean cuisine. It is prepared by wrapping ingredients such as rice, various vegetables, fish and meat in seaweed leaves. You can find this nutritious, delicious and economical delicacy in restaurants and street vendors in South Korea.

For the recipe: Gimbap

Street Foods in Korea


“Jajangmeyon”; It is a Korean adaptation of the Chinese words Jajang, which is fried sauce, and Mian, which means noodle. So actually “Jajangmyeon” is adapted from the dish called “Zhajangmian” in Chinese cuisine. It was first made by a Chinese immigrant in the Chinatown area of South Korea in 1905. An original dish with intense black bean flavor made with various vegetables, meat, and noodles. It is usually prepared with pork. Another version uses seafood. It is especially consumed on the lonely day called Black Day.

Street Foods in Korea


Japchae is one of the most famous South Korean dishes. A sweet and salty dish made with pan-fried transparent colored noodles and vegetables and sauce. The transparent color of the noodles is due to the fact that it is made from sweet potato starch. This noodle is called dangmyeon. Meat can also be added according to taste.

For the recipe: Japchae

Street Foods in Korea

9.Korean Barbecue

It would be a shame if you went to South Korea and returned without trying Korean barbecue. You can taste this flavor in the restaurants you come across every step of the way. You can think of it as our self-catering and fireside culture. There is a barbecue installed right in the middle of the table. You can eat the meat hot by cooking it.

Street Foods in Korea


Dakgalbi is a dish that chefs usually cook in front of you. The main ingredient of this dish, which I can count as one of the best South Korean dishes, is chicken. You can add any ingredients you want and have it prepared according to your taste. It is usually made with sweet potatoes, noodles, rice, vegetables and spices.


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