10 Most Populer Street Foods in Turkey

Street foods in Turkey culture is a widespread and common part of daily life in every city in Turkey, it is very rich and popular. From snacks to breakfasts or full meals, it is possible to find many delicious things on the streets of Turkey.

Street food culture is like a gold mine in Turkey. In every city, you can encounter local street delicacies that appeal to everyone’s taste. Here are the top 10 of Turkey’s strongest and most popular street food options that promise flavors that will whet your appetite and make your mouth water. Of course, the list actually goes on and on: pastries, roasted corn, döner, kokoreç, wet hamburgers, lahmacun, pastries, wafers.


1.Turkish Bagel

Fresh and crispy. Its smell fills the streets and makes your head spin. In the past, simit sellers used to walk street by street in Istanbul. Although it is not possible anymore, it is possible to find bagels from a street vendor on every corner. Simit is a round bagel-like bread covered with sesame seeds. It is preferred alone or with cheese and a thin glass of tea. It goes well with ayran in the afternoon. It is also popular because it is budget and vegan friendly. It is a treat for those stomachs that are upset on the way to or from work. It’s ideal for when you’re on the move. Many people in Istanbul love to share their bagels with the seagulls while crossing the Bosphorus by ferry.

Turkish Bagel Recipe

Street Foods in Turkey

2.Fish Bread

Fish sandwiches, or more accurately fish bread, are one of the most popular street foods in Turkey. The right address for this delicacy made with grilled fish in bread, fresh greens and onions is Karaköy or Eminönü coast. It is very affordable, nutritious and delicious. Those who have business in Eminönü do not leave without eating fish and bread.

Street Foods in Turkey


Chestnuts are a delicious street treat that heralds the beginning of winter. The most delicious version is roasted, sold on street stalls. It is not possible to pass by without looking at the chestnuts roasting slowly over the coals. When winter comes, it is possible to find a chestnut seller in almost every corner of every city in Turkey.

Street Foods in Turkey


Tantuni is actually a street flavor from the Mersin region, but now it is possible to encounter this super flavor almost everywhere in Turkey. Tantunis are made from a unique combination of minced meat with parsley, tomatoes, green peppers and onions, wrapped in a warm wrap or sandwiched between half a bread. This is the perfect way to fill your belly quickly! Tantuni is accompanied by turnip or pickle.

Street Foods in Turkey

5.Mussel Stuffed

Another irresistible street food! You can often come across stuffed mussels, which are more of a snack than a meal, at every corner in the coastal areas. Stuffed mussels are made with a special kind of rice, chopped onion, currants, salt, spices and lemon. While wandering the streets of Istanbul, don’t be surprised if you find yourself at a stall squeezing a lot of lemon into the mussels in your hand. Once you start you may not be able to stop! Special flavors are addictive. It is known that he can eat 100 at a time.

Street Foods in Turkey

6.Baked Potato

The right address for food is Ortaköy. It is the best way to eat potatoes on the street, with a wide variety of ingredients such as butter, cheddar cheese, sausage, corn, Russian salad, pickled red cabbage, olives, ketchup or mayonnaise as a sauce. It is even preferred as a meal. We guarantee you’ll want to try it again with different ingredients.

Street Foods in Turkey

7.Chicken Rice

If you’re in a hurry and looking for something to eat quickly, a plate of chicken rice can be a great option. Chicken pilaf, an accompaniment to classic Turkish cuisine, is made by placing boiled chicken pieces on plain rice. Boiled chickpeas are also added to this unique duo and its taste cannot be beat. Great accompaniments are a glass of ayran or a plate of pickles.

Street Foods in Turkey

8.Cig Kofte

Kneading bulgur with onion, garlic and various spices creates a delicious flavor; This is called raw meatballs or bulgur meatballs. One of the unforgettable feasts on the streets of Türkiye is raw meatballs. It can be eaten alone or wrapped in thin lavash bread with fresh greens. Usually plenty of lemon and pomegranate syrup are added. Çiğ köfte can be found almost everywhere in Turkey. As a traditional dish, it is prepared with raw meat, but you can rarely find it with meat on the street. Don’t hesitate to ask if it’s meatless if you’re concerned!

Street Foods in Turkey

9.Iced Almonds

One of the best street snacks in extreme heat. Fresh almonds are boiled or poached in hot water, then peeled and served over ice. Vendors usually bring iced almonds to the front of bars and restaurants and offer them to their customers. Iced almonds are one of the most common street delicacies you will come across while walking the streets in the evenings.

Street Foods in Turkey


Pickles, which began to gain importance in Ottoman cuisine in the 15th century, are a street food intertwined with tradition. Turnip is a delicious and bold flavor, sold in glasses with pickles chopped into small pieces. This unique flavor will quickly get you addicted! It has a salty and sour taste and is easily found in mobile stalls, bazaars and markets.

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