15 Most Popular Street Foods in Mexico

Mexican cuisine is famous for its delicious and colorful dishes that are known around the world. Distinctive flavors and use of local ingredients make Mexican food unique and satisfying.

Here are the 10 most popular dishes of Mexico and the highlights of Mexican culinary culture:

Street Foods in Mexico


Mexican taco is loved around the world and has become the symbol of Mexican cuisine. Taco food is especially known as street food and is usually made from a corn or wheat tortilla filled with meat, vegetables, and sauces. Mexican style taco offers different tastes in different regions with its many varieties.

Taco, one of the most important representatives of Mexico’s deep-rooted culinary tradition, is considered a dish that emerged long before Europeans reached Mexico and is therefore referred to as a true native Mexican dish. One of the main ingredients of tacos is the famous tortilla. Tortilla bread is prepared to be optionally crispy or soft, folded in half and filled with meat, cheese or various vegetables to create a delicious taco.

Taco is called by different names depending on the ingredients it contains and is usually consumed with hands. This delicious snack appears frequently, increasing its popularity around the world. Especially on the streets of America, there are many stalls and vendors selling tacos. While experiencing this unique taste, it is important not to miss the wonderful harmony of taco and lime.

Street Foods in Mexico


In Mexican food, hotness stands out as one of the most distinctive features. Enchilada is known as one of the most famous and spicy examples of Mexican cuisine. The name of the dish is derived from the verb “enchilar”, meaning “to flavor with pepper”.

Enchilada can be considered one of Mexico’s popular tortilla wrap varieties. Optionally, beef or chicken can be added to the tortilla; There is also a cheese enchilada option for those who do not want to use meat. After the wrap is prepared, specially prepared hot pepper sauce is poured on it and this stage constitutes the most important part of the meal.

Street Foods in Mexico


The last flavor on the list of Mexico’s 10 most popular dishes is guacamole. Guacamole, which has Aztec origins, is among the country’s favorite appetizers. The main ingredient of the dish is avocado, which is often used in Mexican cuisine. Meal preparation begins with peeling the avocados and mashing them.

Then crushed tomatoes, hot pepper, garlic, onion and spices are added. This appetizer, served cold, can optionally be flavored with lemon sauce and hot sauce. Guacamole, which is very nutritious thanks to its high fat and vitamin content, is usually eaten with tortilla bread and nachos.

Street Foods in Mexico


Tamale, one of the flavors originating from Mexico and spreading throughout America, finds its place among Mexico’s most popular street foods with its history dating back thousands of years. You can meet people eating and buying tamales all over the country. Tamale, which attracts attention with its unique appearance and taste, resembles stuffing.

This dish, which is prepared and cooked with ingredients stuffed into corn or banana leaves, is not limited to just these leaves. Tomatoes, chicken breast and peppers further enhance the flavor of the tamale. For those who like to discover different tastes, you should not miss trying the famous Mexican dish tamale.

Street Foods in Mexico

Chiles Rellenos

Chiles rellenos, one of the famous Mexican dishes, are stuffed peppers. It is usually stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables, fried and served with tomato sauce.

Street Foods in Mexico


This traditional soup, which comes to mind when Mexican cuisine is mentioned, is made of corn and meat. Posole, which usually uses pork, is offered in two different varieties, green or red.

Street Foods in Mexico

Sopa de Lima

This delicious Mexican soup is made with lemon juice and chicken meat. Sopa de Lima is consumed frequently, especially in the Yucatan region, and is often topped with fresh mint and fried tortilla strips.

Street Foods in Mexico


Ceviche, which is very popular among Mexican cuisine dishes, is a cold dish made with seafood. Ceviche, made using fish or shrimp, is flavored with ingredients such as lemon juice, onion, tomato and pepper.

Street Foods in Mexico


Meksika sokak lezzetleri denilince akla gelen elote, mısır koçanı üzerinde servis edilen bir yemektir. Koçanlar haşlanarak ya da közlenerek hazırlanır ve üzerine krema, peynir ve baharatlar sürülerek tüketilir.

Street Foods in Mexico


Carnitas is a dish made from slow-cooked pork and is unique to the Michoacán region of Mexico. The meat is marinated with spices and cooked for a long time, and at the end it has a tender and delicious texture. It is often served in tacos or with rice.

Street Foods in Mexico


This dish, pronounced ‘Kesadiya’, is made with Mexico’s famous tortilla bread. This dish, prepared by adding Mexican beans, meat, red pepper, onion and spices between two tortillas, has a pancake-like structure. However, meat and vegetables in quesadilla can be varied according to personal preferences.

As in Mexican dishes, sauces that provide originality are important in quesadilla. Each dish usually comes with several types of sauces. Quesadilla pairs perfectly with hot pepper sauce, sour cream, salsa sauce and guacamole. When serving the quesadilla, both sauces and crispy nachos snacks are offered.

Street Foods in Mexico


Burrito, also known as taco de harina, is a traditional Mexican dish known worldwide, similar to wraps in our country. Again, tortilla forms the main component of this dish. Burrito is made by completely closing the tortilla bread, folding the edges inwards and filling it with meat or vegetable ingredients.

Burrito, an important representative of mixed flavors in Mexican cuisine, is prepared by combining various ingredients such as black beans, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. Like all Mexican dishes, burritos are served seasoned with various hot sauces.

Street Foods in Mexico


Cajeta, which was chosen as the special dessert for Mexico’s 200th anniversary celebrations in 2010, is considered one of the most popular local desserts of the country. Various stories are told about the creator of Cajeta, one of the vital foods for soldiers during the Mexican War.

Cajeta can be described as Mexican milk jam; but it is distinguished by some unique details. The milk used in this dessert must definitely be goat’s milk. This local delicacy is prepared using caramel condensed with goat’s milk.

The dessert, which turns into a sauce after a process that takes 2-3 hours, is sometimes consumed in the form of candy. Cajeta is served frozen and spread between wafers or on tortilla bread.

Street Foods in Mexico


Churros is a light and crispy dessert that is one of the most popular Mexican street delicacies. The dough is prepared by frying in hot oil and shaping it, and then it is served covered with sugar and cinnamon. It is especially recommended to consume it with chocolate sauce.

Street Foods in Mexico


Salsa, an indispensable flavor from Mexican cuisine, is a sauce made with various vegetables and spices. It is prepared using ingredients such as tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, kori and lemon juice. Salsa is served with many Mexican dishes, such as tacos, nachos, and quesadillas.

With these additional dishes, the richness and diversity of Mexican cuisine becomes even more evident. By trying these delicacies, you can go on an unforgettable journey in the fascinating world of world cuisines.



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