6 Egg Cracking Breakfast Recipes You Have to Try

1) Fried eggs with crushed avocado. This is the Breakfast You Want! How to make amazing avocado toast with eggs. What I love about this breakfast is that it’s not only healthy and hearty, it’s delicious and quick to make (if you’re organised). The eggs are fried but kind of poached and steamed at the same time. So they remain soft and delicate like poached eggs with the flavour of fried eggs. Adding the chopped chives to the raw whites gives the eggs a great flavour and an interesting look as the chives set in the cooked whites. For me, I can cook this in the time it takes to toast the bread, around 4 to 5 minutes. I’m still waiting for someone to invent a 30 second toaster! I use a nice rustic or sourdough bread, (see my easy to make bread recipe). A must, is a cold freshly squeezed orange juice, so place those oranges in the fridge the night before, then freshly squeeze them. Have an awesome start to your day!

2) Eggs Benedict Recipe. With rustic sour dough bread, this has to be the best breakfast recipe ever! Try this eggs Benedict recipe. With rustic sour dough bread, this has to be the best breakfast recipe! Yes you can also use English Muffins, but for me crusty bread has a better texture than soft muffins, but that’s up to your taste. Either way, Eggs Benedict are to me the best breakfast you can have. I use quality smoked ham which makes a huge difference to the flavour. A little cayenne pepper, chives and voila! Make the Hollandaise sauce yourself, forget any packet mix stuff, this is the only way to go and it’s not that hard.This is an easy recipe, it’s not that hard, give them a go and let me know how you went. Happy cooking!

3) Shakshuka, Eggs in spicy tomato sauce. A North African dish that’s quite popular in the Middle East. This is my version made of eggs in tomato in one pan on the stove, it’s not just a breakfast recipe but also a great lunch or dinner. Cheap, healthy and easy to make! Make sure you have plenty of bread to soak up those juices.

4) Fried Eggs and Salmon Muffins. A Delicious Breakfast Recipe Looking for the best breakfast recipe? Look no further than this amazing smoked salmon egg recipe! It’s perfect for a weekend brunch or weekday breakfast. Plus, it only takes minutes to prepare. This easy breakfast recipe is perfect for those busy mornings. All you need is some smoked salmon, eggs, and a few simple ingredients. In just minutes, you’ll have a delicious and healthy breakfast that will start your day off right.
The eggs are fried and semi-poached, the best technique for cooking eggs, give it a go! The combination of smoked salmon, dill and cream is amazing, and it’s the best breakfast I’ve ever had.

5) Poached eggs Italian Twisted Style! The most delicious breakfast you will have. Although the ingredients and flavours are very Italian, most Italians don’t eat eggs for breakfast. That’s why this recipe is a twisted style. This might be more for lunch or even dinner. This is such a delicious dish, I personally could eat this anytime. I prefer to use rustic sourdough bread, I also have a recipe for that should you be interested. Try and buy an artisanal one or the best country bread you can find. For poaching the eggs, I strongly advise in using the freshest eggs, otherwise the whites will spread away from the yolks and could make a mess. If you buy fresh you will never have a problem. Use a good Italian Prosciutto ham, if you prefer bacon, I suggest baking it in the oven for better results. For the cheese, use a non-stick pan, alternatively you could cut the cheese slices, place them on the toast and melt it under the broiler or grill.

6) Scrambled eggs. Best Tasting Scrambled Eggs you will taste! Moist, fluffy, nutty and extra delish! Making scrambled eggs is not rocket science, however a few little tweaks and changes can make such a big difference. The secret in this recipe is to lightly brown the butter, this makes the world of difference giving you a nutty buttery taste. The addition of a little cream cheese simply brings it to a new level. Be liberal when buttering your toast. Eggs and butter are meant to be together! Don’t over cook it and this simple recipe will surprise your taste buds.

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