6 Epic Thai Recipes You Can’t Miss

(1) Thai Beef Salad – Is this the best summer salad ever?


6 Epic Thai Recipes You Can’t Miss Thai Beef Salad must be the best summer dinner recipe ever! Made with delicious grilled tender beef, robust flavours and healthy vegetables it’s hard to beat. Plus it’s perfect for those following a low carb diet.
For the beef you can use any cut you like, I prefer tenderloin (eye fillet) but you could use sirloin, ribeye, Scotch fillet. As it’s a salad, I personally like the tenderest meat possible so it’s easy to eat with tender salad leaves.
I used coriander or cilantro, plus mint leaves. You can also use Thai basil for that extra flavour complexity. I used brown sugar instead of the traditional palm sugar as it’s usually more of a staple, but if you can find palm, then use it. Try and get fresh limes for that beautiful flavour.

(2) Thai Chicken Stir fry Recipe

Maximum flavour with fresh ingredients, easy chicken recipe.Thai cuisine is about lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic flavours. Stir-fries which originated in China, require a very hot wok with a small amount of oil. The heat seals in the flavours and the textures. Most stir-fries include plenty of crunchy vegetables, they are fast, easy to prepare and so delicious. This chicken breast recipe was cooked in a wok, but of course you can also do it in a frying pan. The hotter the flame the better the results. I used cashews and sugar snap peas for that extra crunch, but you can also use snow peas. You will need oyster sauce and soy sauce widely available from Asian stores or Asian sections in supermarkets. Coconut oil is the best choice for frying but any vegetable oil will also work. Serve over coconut rice for that Thai authentic flavour.

(3) Simple Thai fish cakes with sweet chili sauce – With chili Sauce.

Thai fish cakes are another one of my favourites when it comes to Thai cuisine. They are so simple to make if you have a food processor. If not, then you can still do it with a knife or a cleaver and a mixing bowl, no problem. Most Thai people deep fry them, but I find you can get away with shallow frying. I also like to fry the coriander (cilantro) witch becomes crispy and adds another layer of texture and makes for a stunning garnish. But that part is optional, you could just use fresh sprigs. Serve these Thai fish cakes with a sweet chili sauce, garnished with a cheek of fresh lime and a few slices of chili. These are also known as Tod Mun pla.

(4) Thai Crispy Spicy Garlic Fried Chicken – Street food at home

After travelling to Thailand, I’m always inspired by new ideas and recipes, so this is my take on Thai Fried chicken, some say it’s the best fried chicken in the world. This fried garlic chicken recipe is crispy and remains juicy by sealing in all the juice and flavours. The added shallots are worthwhile but optional, and the sweet chili sauce is a must. Serve it with sticky rice for a great combination. See my sweet chili sauce recipe.

(5) Pad Thai Westernised – Pad Thai made with Chicken and Shrimps

An amazing Pad Thai recipe you can make at home. This recipe has a westernised spin, it’s not quite authentic using simpler ingredients.
You will however need pad Thai Pad rice noodles. It’s best to use a wok on high heat but this will still work well in a frying pan. If cooking in a pan, cook the chicken first ten set it aside. Do the same with the shrimp, and combine them with the noodles later. If using a hot wok, follow the recipe as is.

(6) Coconut Chicken Skewers Garlic and Chili

Thai Style. These Garlic and Chili Thai Style Skewers are an adaptation from Southern Thai street food. First you make a spicy garlic marinade, divide it in two and let your chicken marinate overnight in one part, or at least two hours. The chicken needs to be sliced very finely; this allows more surface caramelization. By grilling your chicken under your oven broiler or grill, you get that nice BBQ flavour we all love. Of course, a wood char BBQ is even better if you have that option. The chicken is grilled then coated in the coating mix and grilled again. This step is repeated three times allowing a thick caramelized coating for an intense flavour. If using chicken thighs, the chicken remains nice moist.

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