(1) Nothing beats the taste of freshly made ravioli, and homemade ones are even better. This recipe will turn you into a Michelin star Chef, almost! It’s one of those recipes where simplicity reigns, and wait until you taste them! For simplicity, I used cooked shrimps (or prawns) for this recipe; you could indeed use uncooked; just poach them first. Make sure your ricotta cheese is well drained; you don’t want a watered-down filling.
The pasta itself is relatively simple to make; ideally, you will need a pasta machine; if you don’t have one, you can still use a rolling pin. The thinner the dough, the better the ravioli. Remember, you want to be able to see the filling through it; that’s what makes it sexy! I always say it’s like sexy lingerie; you want to reveal a little but not too much. I use the second thinnest setting on my pasta machine, but this can vary on different pasta machines. The biggest mistake I see people make is adding too much filling. Ravioli doesn’t contain much filling, so stick to a medium size grape size. Ravioli freeze well, so make a big batch ready to use anytime.

(2) 15 minute Garlic and Chili Tuna Pasta – Bucatini al Tonno. Spaghetti or Bucatini al Tonno, is a pasta and tuna dish that appears to be high on everyone’s “goto” list. It’s super tasty with loads of garlic and chili. Made with simple ingredients and cooked in around 15 minutes, it’s no wonder it’s so popular! The garlic, chili and anchovies are first gently stewed in olive oil. This releases an amazing flavour in the oil which is then absorbed by the pasta.There’s the option of frying some breadcrumbs in olive oil for that extra level of texture. It’s like eating hundreds of mini croutons which are sprinkled over the top.You can use any canned tuna you like. I also like to use the liquid in the can, whether being oil or brine, as it’s full of flavour, but that’s up to you. You can use spaghetti or bucatini, both work well for this recipe.

(3) Pesto pasta with chicken breast, mushroom and sundried tomatoes.
This pasta pesto is a creamy pasta dish with chicken, mushrooms, spinach and sundried tomatoes. It’s simple to make and shines with the true flavours of Italy. Elevate the visual appeal of the dish with a garnish of additional fresh basil leaves and a generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. This bright green and white contrast beautifully with the earthy mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes, creating an artful presentation.

(4) Over The Top Ragu with Tagliatelle. This Braised Beef & Pork Ragu Tagliatelle is one of the tastiest ragu you will taste!The meat is first oven roasted, to extract all those beautiful roast meat flavours. It’s then slowly braised with tomato puree and vegetables for 2 and a half hours.Some would also call it Bolognese sauce as it works well on any pasta such as tubes or wide flat ones, like pappardelle.Rather than using minced meat, the meat is pulled for that beautiful, shredded beef and pork fibre.The sauce is made with red wine, tomato puree, thyme, garlic and vegetables. The pasta is then finished to cook in the pan, absorbing the ragu sauce for a beautiful, tasty result. Using fresh pasta, you can make this meal under 10 minutes. Either buy it fresh or see my ‘how to make pasta recipe’.

(5) 15 minute Spaghetti aglio e olio. A classic oil and garlic pasta sauce, aglio e olio, where it’s usually served with spaghetti. Some say it originated somewhere between Naples and Rome, that’s still unclear but it is a Southern Italian dish. One thing that is clear, it’s a quick and easy dish to make, under 15 minutes. Made with five simple ingredients, pasta, garlic, chili, olive oil and parsley. And no, there’s no cheese, and if you do add cheese, do it at night behind closed doors or you may just start a revolution. A great cheap quick meal that’s become one of the most satisfying pasta dishes.

(6) Tortellini Alla Panna with Bacon, Mushroom in a cream sauce. Although it’s not traditionally Italian as it has a French twist, it’s amazing. This Tortellini Alla Panna is made using fresh tortellini making it a fast and amazing recipe. It’s made with bacon, mushroom, cheese and a herb white wine cream sauce. If you like Alfredo pasta or Carbonara then you will absolutely love this. Use the tortellini filling you enjoy such as cheese, veal etc.

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