6 Refreshing Summer Salad Recipes to Beat the Heat

(1) Roast Vegetable Salad

I Make this Complete Meal Roast Vegetable Salad all year-round! 6 Refreshing Summer Salad Recipes to Beat the Heat

Who says salads have to be raw? There’s something delicious about a roasted vegetable salad in any season!
Because all vegetables cook at different rates, there’s a little skill and timing involved, but don’t worry it’s very easy. You first start with the hardest vegetables, the potatoes and sweet potato. The potato is still harder than the sweet potato, so you want to cut the pieces smaller, this way they finish cooking at the same time. Once these are almost cooked, you then add the softer vegetables. Finally, the tomatoes. Remember, it’s a salad, not a roast, therefore you don’t want to overcook the vegetables, you simply want to extract more flavour from them but still retain their integrity. Once cooked, simply toss the cooked vegetables (still warm) into your favourite dressing. I added mine if that helps.

(2) Summer Salad

With avocado, olives and semi dried tomatoes
What’s better than a healthy fresh salad on a hot day. This salad can be made as a standalone meal or as a side dish to complement a nice steak, chicken or even fish. The rocket salad (arugula) gives you a peppery taste, the tomatoes and olives will bring you to the Mediterranean and the avocado provides the smooth richness. Use semi dried tomatoes if you can otherwise sun dried will also work, just use a little less. Made with a French style dressing using only one bowl, so very simple.

(3) Mediterranean Salad

A healthy Complete Meal Salad with Cheese and Potato.
A healthy and super delicious Mediterranean salad everyone will love. A complete meal to enjoy with crusty bread. One thing I always admire when travelling through the Mediterranean countries is the freshness of the ingredients. That is always the key to a good salad, wholesome and fresh produce. This recipe is purely a guideline, so there’s plenty of flexibility for you to make it your own. Vary the quantities, it’s all about balance of colour. Try not to overdress the salad with the dressing, once the salad is gone there shouldn’t be a poodle of dressing in the bottom of the plate. It should almost be dry, so don’t use it all. Enjoy my Mediterranean salad with a bunch of people.

(4) Roasted Beetroot Salad

A healthy beetroot salad with a sweet and salty flavour. The dressing is made with honey and vinegar complimenting with the saltiness of the feta cheese. Beetroots are first peeled then roasted so you can that nice caramelisation on the outside. I find this better than peeling after. It is advisable to wear gloves when handling beetroots, as the juice will stain your hands, and that can last most of the day. For me personally that doesn’t bother me. I used my home-grown beetroots, which were so easy to grow from seeds, no chemicals, no sprays, all one hundred percent organic goodness. This is a very healthy salad, it’s delicious, and can be consumed as a complete meal. Enjoy my roasted beetroot salad with rocket, cheese and walnuts.

(5) The best Caesar salad with grilled chicken

Tasty and tangy with optional crispy bacon
Keeping closely to the original, a Caesar salad is composed of romaine or cos lettuce, croutons and a dressing made from Worcestershire sauce, garlic, egg yolk, Dijon mustard, lemon juice and Parmesan cheese. For this Caesar salad I’ve also added warm grilled chicken breast and crispy bacon. It’s tangy, it’s packed with flavour and makes a delicious meal. You cannot beat making your own dressing, enjoy the best Caesar salad with grilled chicken. The best Caesar salad with grilled chicken.

(6) No Mayo Summer Potato Salad

With lean bacon and fresh herbs
A healthier alternative to a potato salad. This recipe has no mayonnaise but uses healthy Greek yogurt instead for that creamy consistency. The bacon is lean so there’s very little fat and it’s packed with fresh herbs, and the tangy taste of Summer.



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