Best Egg Burrito Recipe

I made a burrito with ingredients that are common at home.
The soft egg and tomato combination is very delicious.

[2 servings]

✤ Ingredients

-2pieces 8inch tortillas (20cm)
-3 eggs (+2 pinch of salt)
-4 tbsp of milk (rice spoon)
-0.7tbsp minced garlic (rice spoon)
-15g butter
-40g Bacon(can be omitted)
-2 pieces of cheddar cheese
-Sriracha Sauce

✤ Tomato salsa

-5 cherry tomatoes
-25g onion
-20g jalapeno
-2 pinches of salt
-A Black pepper

✤ Mayo sauce

-1 tbsp of mayonnaise (rice spoon)
-3 tbsp condensed milk (rice spoon)


-Can be replaced with honey or syrup instead of condensed milk, but it is sweeter than condensed milk
Add only 2 tablespoons. (Use honey with no fragrance)
-Tomato salsa contains lemon juice, but I omitted it to avoid squishy.

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