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How To Make Turkish Street Style Simit Bread

How To Make Turkish Street Style Simit Bread Simit is a delicious sesame crusted bread that you can have for breakfast and street food staple in Istanbul and much of Turkey. Simit is a sesame crusted, circular bread from Turkey.This crusty bread or Turkish bagel,is probably the most common bread in Turkey. It’s dunked in...


Purple Sweet Potato Mochi

Purple Sweet Potato Mochi Glutinous rice balls, known in Mandarin as nuomici, is a type of Chinese traditional pastry. It is also referred to as glutinous rice dumpling. The outer layer is mainly made of a glutinous rice flour and the inside is typically filled with a sweet filling. The most common fillings are red...


Steamed Shrimp with Egg and Tofu

Steamed Shrimp with Egg and Tofu Steamed Eggs with Shrimp, Tamago and Tofu, simple and delicious, beautiful presentation, a very popular home-cooked delicacy. During the festival, it is loved by everyone because of its beautiful meaning. Ingredients: – 2 packs of egg tofu – 2 eggs -water(room temperature), same amount as eggs – 16 shrimps...


Perfect Homemade Katsu Curry

Perfect Homemade Katsu Curry This is the best katsu dish ever. It’s easy to make, fun to eat katsu curry, nearly everyone that has ever had it loves it… it’s your turn now. Ingredients Needed: Yukari Pickled Red cabbage: – 1/2 head red cabbage, very thinly sliced – 2 cups (480ml) rice vinegar (we need...


2 Easy Recipes for Japanese

2 Easy Recipes for Japanese Here are two delicious and easy japanese rice bowl recipes using fall vegetables. It is perfect for busy Weekday! Don’t miss out on the delicious side dish using sweet potatoes and the secret recipe for the flavored eggs (ajitama). 1. Crispy Chicken and Fall Vegetables in a Sweet and Sour...


Best Vegan Appetizer for Weekend: Çiğ Köfte

Best Vegan Appetizer for Weekend: Çiğ Köfte Today, we bring to your table the Turkish style raw eatballs, Çiğ Köfte but wait for it… with a zesty TACO twist. This hot & spicy dish, a delightful vegan appetizer recipe, is here to ignite your taste buds and introduce you to a world where two vibrant...


Homemade Turkish Mantı Recipe

Homemade Turkish Mantı Recipe Mantı is a thin dough pieces filled with beef, cheese or chickpeas. I am sure that this sound familiar to you because every culture has their own version. If you go to Italy, it is ravioli. If you go to Asia, it is dumpling, momo, shumai… you can travel the world...


Fluffy and Soft Turkish Flatbread

Fluffy and Soft Turkish Flatbread I made a soft and soft Turkish flat flatbread. The middle of the bread is empty, so it’s good to wrap up your favorite food. Of course, it is light and delicious to eat with just bread. It is also good for wrapping spicy chicken or roasted meat, It can...


Japanese Style Fried Rice Bento

Japanese Style Fried Rice Bento We will show you how to make simple fried rice with only two ingredients and how to make maki sushi (sushi rolls) that can be made quickly even on busy days. There are recipes for main and side dishes that you can use for your lunch or dinner as well...


How to make Karniyarik

How to make Karniyarik Today’s dish is Karniyarik which means “split belly” in Turkish and as you may guess, these fried eggplants are cut and stuffed with a ragout like, rich ground beef mixture with spicy, aromatic onions, chilies and tomatoes. Finished in the oven with a tomato chili sauce, this dish is one of...

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