Green Juice for Detoxing and Weight Loss

Always consult your Dr before starting any detoxing and weight loss drinks or recipes seen online. This tutorial isn’t medical advice but my own personal recipe that has been tried and tested by me.

3 day Detox Drink Recipe

1 piece Ginger
1/2 Cucumber
3 celery stalks
1 Lemon
1 Green Apple
3-4 cups coconut water
1 tbsp Apple Cider vinegar


Benefits of ginger

– aids in weight loss
– Aids with digestion
– It is anti inflammatory

Benefits of Green Apple

– Helps with maintaining good blood flow in the body
– Low in fat
– Fights against ageing
– Rich in vitamin A & C
– They have a High fibre content which will help in the detoxification process

Benefits of Cucumber

– it promotes hydration and helps with weight loss
– Helps to keep you full that way you don’t feel like eating more

Benefits of Lemon Juice

– It’s a good source of vitamin C
– It aids digestion
– It freshens breath

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

– Has antioxidant effects
– Supports your immune system
– Aids with weight loss
– Helps Lower blood sugar levels

I also go running 2-3 times a week and this helps with losing weight as well as drinking this on an empty stomach.

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