This Rustic Bread Recipe will help you make the best homemade artisan bread which has an amazing flavor and texture.

Why you will love this Rustic Bread Recipe

1. The taste and texture of this artisan bread is so incredible:it has a unique flavor and, soft and chewy open crumb, that you will love.
2. It is super easy to make this Artisan Rustic Bread;you don’t need to do heavy kneading
3. You will need only four basic ingredients to make this amazing crusty white bread
4. The real hands on time for making this Homemade Artisan Bread is less than 15 minutes

What is Rustic Bread

The term Rustic Bread is a very relative term.
For me, a rustic bread is a bread that has a heavy crust, an open texture, and a delicious flavor.
It is made with fewest ingredients ;Flour ,water, salt and a leavening agent a starter, either a wild yeast starter, such as sourdough, or a “biga” or “poolish”
To get delicious flavor to a rustic bread or a crusty bread usually it requires a long fermentation.
For that we add a starter to our bread dough.

What is the difference between poolish and biga

Biga and poolish are types of pre-ferments used in Italian and French baking respectively.
Poolish, the wetter one, where flour and water are added in almost 1:1 ratio.
Biga is more of a thick preferment as it uses less amount of water, somewhere between 70-80 percent.

How to make this homemade artisan bread
We can make this easy artisan bread in five simple steps

1.prepare the biga(evening)
2.Prepare the bread dough(morning)
3.First proofing (2 hours)
4.Shape the bread
5.Final Rising(50-60 minutes)
Bake the bread at 480 F or 250 C for 18 minutes and then reduce the temperature to 230 c or 450 F and bake for another 10-12 minutes.

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