How to Wrap Korean Gimbab

It’s not difficult to wrap Gimbap beautifully.
You can make a pretty gimbap with just a few tips.
I made the most popular vegetables, tuna, cheese gimbap.

✤ Ingredients (5 lines)

Rice, nori, carrot, spinach, cucumber, fish cake, burdock, pickled radish, crab meat, egg 5,
Canned tuna, sesame leaves, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise

✤ Seasoning (fried fish cake)

1 soy sauce, 1 oligosaccharide

✤ Making

① Spinach add salt to boiling water and boil for 30 seconds
② Spinach rinsed in cold water, add salt, sesame seeds and sesame oil
③ Remove the seeds and cut the cucumbers
④ Crab crab meat is chopped finely
⑤ Cut the rest of the ingredients
⑥ Solve 5 eggs and make a thin pancake
⑦ After cooling the eggs, cut them
⑧ Add some cooking oil and fry the ham
⑨ Add carrots with a little salt and stir-fry
⑩ Stir-fry the old soy sauce with 1 oligosaccharide 1
⑪ After placing the rice flat on the gimbap, put all the ingredients and wrap it
참 Put sesame on the gimbap, sprinkle sesame seeds to make it easy to eat

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