Halloween is coming.
Today, I made delicious gnocchi cream pasta with pumpkin.
To find the soft and chewy ratio,
After many attempts, I will introduce a delicious gnocchi.
The shape is cute, but I made it and it tastes so good,
Have fun making it with your family.

*** Weighing is scale (g), rice spoon (Tbsp), teaspoon (tsp) (not measuring spoon)

[2 servings/ 22~23 pieces]

✤ Dough

– 90g Mashed pumpkin
– 90g Mashed potatoes
– 100g All purpose flour
– 40g Potato starch
– 2g (0.7tsp) Salt

✤ Cream Sauce

– 3Tbsp Mashed pumpkin
– 26g Chopped garlic
– 100g Chopped onion
– 15g Unsalted butter
– 170ml Milk
– 150ml Heavy cream
– 25g Parmesan Cheese
– 2-3 pinches of salt (adjust to your taste)
– A little black pepper

✤ Decor

– Rucola
– Pumpkin Seed


– The moisture content of pumpkin or potatoes varies depending on how they are boiled, so the amount of flour may also vary.
– Please keep the ratio as much as possible. The more flour you add, the firmer the texture.
– It is better to grind the pumpkin and potatoes so that there are no lumps.
If you mash it with a masher like me, you will see lumps in the dough, so you have to knead it a lot.

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