Glutinous rice balls, known in Mandarin as nuomici, is a type of Chinese traditional pastry. It is also referred to as glutinous rice dumpling. The outer layer is mainly made of a glutinous rice flour and the inside is typically filled with a sweet filling. The most common fillings are red bean paste, lotus paste, sesame seed with crumbled peanuts paste. You can choose fruits filling too, such as mango, durian, strawberry etc. There are also many different variations such as purple sweet potato, mocha or cheese flavour.The mochi ball can be dusted with shredded coconut or cooked glutinous rice flour on the outside.
The mochi made with this recipe can be kept in the refrigerator overnight, the next day take it out and leave it in the room temperature for about 10 minutes, it will be still soft.


Ingredients : 12 rice balls

200g Coconut milk
80g milk
40g cooking oil
50g sugar
180g Glutinous rice flour
20g Corn starch
20g wheat starch


200g purple sweet potato
40g whipping cream


30g Shredded Coconut

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