Top 4 Healthy and Tasty Avocado Recipes

Hi, Here is a compilation of my four favorite avocado recipes! I make these often for my family! Just a few minutes to prepare, these healthy and tasty avocado recipes amazed my kids by how easy and delicious breakfast can be! I’ve never eaten such delicious avocado! Top 4 simple and delicious avocado recipes! I hope everyone makes and loves these avocado recipes!

Recipe 1# I have never had such delicious avocados! 2 Easy Avocado Egg Breakfast Recipes

4 Eggs
2 Avocado
Salt, black pepper
Crushed red pepper
Bacon crumbles
Cheddar cheese
Green onion

Recipe 2# So delicious! I make this almost every day! One of my son’s favorite breakfasts

1tbsp Unsalted butter
2 slices of bread
2 Avocado
½ Lemon juice
2 Boiled eggs
1 Cooked corn
3tbsp Mayonnaise
3tbsp Yogurt
5g Parsley
Salt, black pepper

Recipe 3# It’s so delicious that you can make it over and over again! Quick avocado recipe

Ingredients and recipe:
Chop 2 mini cucumbers
Add to a bowl
Slice 1 avocado
Add to the bowl too
Chop 1 onion
Strain 1 can of tuna
Add the tuna to the bowl
Pour in 1tbsp olive oil
Squeeze the juice out of 1/2 lemon
Add some salt and black pepper
Mix well

Recipe 4# Fold Tortilla This Way! I’ve Never Eaten Such Delicious Tortillas

Egg 2
A pinch of salt
A pinch of black pepper
Green onion 10g
Shrimps 6
Avocado 1
Tortilla 2
Mayo-style sauce
Mozzarella cheese
Olive oil or butter

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