What to Eat in Istanbul?

Istanbul’s famous dishes have a rich variety that blends world cuisine with the cuisines of various regions of Turkey. Istanbul cuisine, which dates back to the Ottoman Period, offers its visitors rich food varieties as well as appetizers. In the rich menus that include local delicacies as well as inspirations of World and Turkish cuisine, you can encounter unforgettable tastes among the flavors specific to Istanbul that you must try.


Must-Eat Dishes in Istanbul

During your visits to Istanbul, local dishes of Istanbul offer you unique tastes in every district on the European and Anatolian sides. Rather than local dishes, classifying local delicacies as what to eat in which district in Istanbul and knowing that there are delicacies waiting for you to taste in every district shows that you can encounter flavors to suit every palate in Istanbul. When you come to Istanbul, we recommend you to experience all the must-eat foods in Istanbul, which are offered as snacks and local delicacies.


Eminönü Fish Bread

When Istanbul is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is fish and bread. Do not leave Istanbul without eating the fish and bread sold by street vendors or on boats in the Eminönü district. Don’t forget to try the famous Eminönü pickle juice with your fish bread.


Ortaköy Kumpir

Turkey’s most delicious baked potatoes are made by street vendors at the entrance of Ortaköy. When you come to watch the view of Ortaköy, do not forget to taste the baked potatoes with mixed appetizers.


Sarıyer Pastry

You can enjoy both the view and the famous historical taste by eating Istanbul’s famous Sarıyer pastry, overlooking the Bosphorus in the historical place of Sarıyer.


Karaköy Pastry

If you happen to be in Karaköy, do not miss this opportunity to eat the Karaköy pastry, which is well-known and among the most consumed breakfast dishes in Turkey. You can eat your famous Karaköy pastry overlooking the Karaköy Pier and enjoy the moment by feeding the seagulls.


Beyoğlu Wet Hamburger

You will not find the taste of wet hamburgers that you can eat on Istiklal Street, even on a full stomach, anywhere else in Turkey. Don’t forget to try this street food that you will enjoy with its unique recipe and bread.


Armenian Topic

Meze severlerin beğenisini kazanacak meşhur Ermeni mezesi topik tadına mutlaka bakmalıdırlar. Sokak satıcılarının camekanlı arabalarında topik satarken Kurtuluş ve Emirgan Caddesi civarlarında rastlayabilirsiniz.


Historical Sultanahmet Meatballs

Meatballs, which are as historical as Sultanahmet itself, are one of the most important delicacies that should not be neglected during any visit to Istanbul. Do not end your Istanbul trip without eating the famous Sultanahmet meatballs, which have an unforgettable taste once eaten.


Kanlıca Yoghurt

Famous for its history dating back to 1893, Kanlıca yoghurt is among the most important foods to be tasted in Istanbul. Don’t forget to taste Kanlıca yoghurt, which has managed to preserve its flavor since the first day it was made.


Sütlüce Sleepiness

In the Sütlüce district, sleepyka made from calf and lamb liver, kidney, heart, intestine and neck is a very famous traditional delicacy. For offal lovers, the delicious sleepy dish in Sütlüce should not be neglected during the spring months.


Istanbul Pilaf

Istanbul pilaf, a gift from Ottoman Cuisine to Istanbul, is among the historical Istanbul delicacies that should be tasted from both street vendors and restaurants. Do not think of leaving Istanbul without tasting Istanbul pilaf, which is still made at weddings, funerals, holidays and important events.


Street Kokoreci

Istanbul is the right address for kokoreç, which was banned for a while on the grounds that it was not sterile. Delicious kokoreç, whose taste will remain on your palate and whose sterility you will not doubt, is offered to you by the skillful hands of street vendors. When you come across stalls selling mobile kokoreç around Beyoğlu, Şişli and Asmalı Mescit, do not miss this opportunity.


Samatya Anchovy

In Samatya, famous for its fish restaurants, the taste of fried anchovy with pomegranate syrup will be among the best tastes you will experience in Istanbul. The texture of this region, where the TV series Second Spring was shot, and the taste of anchovy will be your best memories of Istanbul.


İspir Dried Beans

Nothing beats the taste of the beans you will eat in Sulaymaniyah. Do not forget to taste the beans and rice combination in Süleymaniye, which is identified with the famous Ispit beans.


Çamlıca Simit

You will have to stop by Çamlıca for the Istanbul bagel, which is made with butter, kashar and milk and is known throughout Turkey. Don’t be sure to taste all the flavors in Istanbul without enjoying the Istanbul bagel with the view of Çamlıca.


Alibeyköy Pump

You can taste Turkey’s most delicious tulumba in Alibeyköy. By tasting these delicacies, located right next to the Alibeyköy Mosque, you can better understand why tulumba comes to mind when Alibeyköy is mentioned.


Beyoğlu Chocolate

Beyoğlu chocolate will fascinate you with its abundance of hazelnuts, chocolate that leaves a delicious taste in your mouth and the liveliness of Istiklal Street. While touring Istiklal Street, do not miss tasting Beyoğlu chocolate, which is known throughout Turkey.




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