Most cafés tea that serve green tea drinks use pre-mixed powders that contain a bunch of funky stuff! Try out this super fast, easy, and absolute delicious Vegan Iced Green Tea Matcha Milk Tea!


1 generous tsp Matcha Powder (best grade you can afford!)
2 tsp maple syrup (adjust to taste)
2-3 tbsp of hot water
1 cup cold filtered water
1 cup almond or coconut milk (homemade if you have!)
3 ice cubes


1. start off by placing 1 generous tsp of matcha powder into your whisking bowl
2. add the hot water and whisk in an “M” or “W” motion until matcha is completely dissolved and frothy
3. in your drinking glass, place your ice cubes, cold filtered water, and maple syrup
4. now add your matcha and your choice of dairy free milk
5. give it a good stir and ENJOY!

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Wil Yeung is a wedding and commercial photographer and videographer. He is also the advertorial photographer for, contract photographer for the city of Mississauga, and the official Japan Festival Canada photographer. Join me on my channel for episodes on photography, entrepreneur motivation, and to learn to cook with absolute confidence!

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